Recent News


HPNF Announces 2022 Emerging Leaders (January 2022)

HPCC Adopts New Mission and Vision (January 2022)

HPNA and HPNF Adopt New Mission and Vision (January 2022)

HPNA Names 2022 Fellows In Palliative Care Nursing (January 2022)

HPCC Partners with APHSW-C in 2022 (January 2022)


2022 HPCC Board of Directors (December 2021)

2022 HPNA Award Winners (December 2021)

2022 HPNA and HPNF Board of Directors (December 2021)

2022 HPCC Award Winners  (November 2021)

HPNF Renames Certification Scholarships   (June 2021)

HPNF Receives Grant from ANF to Develop Grief Resources (April 2021)

HPNA Stands in Unity with Our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Colleagues (April 2021)

HPNF to Raffle Off Virtual Lunch with ZDoggMD!   (April 2021)

HPNA Designates 2021 as the Year of Leadership (April 2021)

HPCC Renews Contract with PSI   (March 2021)

2021 HPNA Fellows   (February 2021)

2021 HPNA Award Winners  
(February 2021)

2021 HPCC Award Winners  (February 2021)  

2020 HPNA Fellows (February 2021)

2020 HPNA Award Winners (February 2021)

2020 HPCC Award Winners  (February 2021)

HPNA Palliative Nursing Summit (PNS) Pain Management Workgroup Releases Two Publications  (February 2021)

Three HPNA Members Accepted into 2020 Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program  (January 2021) 


HPNA Welcomes New Board Members in 2021 (December 2020)

HPCC Welcomes New Board Members in 2021   (December 2020)

HPCC to Sunset Certified in Perinatal Loss Care Exam in 2021 (November 2020)

The Next Generation Learning Plan for Recertification (October 2020)

SWHPN Receives Grant from HPNF
(October 2020)

Dr. Maria Natal Named Senior Vice President of HPNA Education   (July 2020)

HPNA Statement on the Protection of Human Rights   (June 2020)

A National Nurses Week Message from HPNA President, Jen Hale   (May 2020)

Dr. Heather Coats Appointed Director of Research for HPNA   (January 2020)



Congratulations to Betty Ferrell on Her Induction into the National Academy of Medicine (November 8)

Palliative Nursing Summit to Conclude Late-2019
(November 6)

HPNA Team Members Promoted in Staff Realignment
(November 6)

Len Mafrica To Retire as Chief Operating Officer  (September 9)

HPCC Bringing Back Certification Exam for LPN/LVNs (September 3)

Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center to Relaunch Certification Exam for LPN/LVNs (September 3)

HPNA Responds to OIG Call to Educate Staff About Elder Abuse and Neglect  (August 29)

Become a Florence Wald Champion (August 5)

LPN/LVN Needed for Role Delineation Study (August 2)

HPNA Board of Directors 2020 - Prepare for the Ballot (July 30)

Distinguished Nursing Practice Award Deadline Extended (July 29)

CE Tracking Ends July 31st 
(July 26)

New Online HPAR Process Now Available for CHPPN, CPLC, CHPLN, and CHPCA 
(July 19)

2020 Annual Assembly Call for Papers Now Live 
(July 18)

Annette Parry Bush Selected as HPCC Director of Credentialing  (June 24)

Virginia (Ginger) Marshall Appointed Chief Executive Officer of HPNA, HPCC, and HPNF  (June 5)

Marika Haranis Appointed New HPNA Chief Clinical Officer   (February 21)


Sally Welsh, Chief Executive Officer of HPNA, HPCC, and HPNF Announces Retirement  (October 17)

Nurses Champion Advance Care Planning  (October 15)

12th Annual HPNA Clinical Practice Forum Opens Thursday  (September 26)

Nursing Leadership Development Program Awarded $265,000 Grant from the Cambia Health Foundation  (September 7)


Four National Palliative Care APRN Externship Sites Selected  (October 3) 

25 Specialty Nursing Organizations Join with HPNA for a Palliative Nursing Summit  (May 8)

ANA and HPNA Call for Palliative Care in Every Setting  (April 4) 

Awarded $753000 Grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation  (January 19)


HPNA Issues Call To Action In Support Of AACN Curricular Guidelines  (February 26)

The Value of Hospice and Palliative Certification  (February 9)