Who is POLARIS for?
POLARIS is designed for early career hospice and palliative nurses. This includes nurses from other specialties who are unfamiliar with hospice and palliative nursing, new graduate nurses, and those beginning their career in hospice and palliative nursing.

What is an early career hospice and palliative nurse?
Early career is defined at 0-3 years in the specialty of hospice and palliative nursing.

Is this eLearning only for registered nurses?
Yes, it is intended for registered nurses' scope of practice. 

Why is it called POLARIS?
Polaris, or the North Star, has been historically used as a guide to navigate a journey. It is a focal point - the point around which the entire northern sky turns. Situated almost directly over the North Pole, it never sets. That's what makes Polaris excellent for measurement and navigation. 

Polaris is regarded as the most important star in the sky. It's been known by many names: The Pathway, the Pointer, the Steering Star, or the Lodestar that indicates the way.

Let the POLARIS modules serve as your guide - lighting the path ahead - allowing you to recognize your aims, pursue them, and achieve them. 

HPNA's mission is to "advance expert care in serious illness." POLARIS can provide your sense of direction as you care for patients and families who look to you in their time of need. 

What is included in the POLARIS  modules?
The POLARIS modules are based on essential practice knowledge in hospice and palliative nursing. Content includes an overview of hospice and palliative nursing, components of interdisciplinary teamwork, communication, holistic assessment, pain assessment and interventions, symptom management, illness progression and urgent syndromes, care of patients nearing the end of life, ethical issues, and self-care strategies.

Will the modules have a time limit for users or be available for review after completion?
The modules are separated so that the content is delivered in smaller portions of a few hours at most. This was designed to facilitate completing each module and the associated evaluation in a single setting. Once the learner receives their CE certificate for each module, access to the module's content remains available to the registered user for future reference use. 

How is the POLARIS Orientation Program different than the 13-module package?
The POLARIS Orientation Program includes a learner guide, as well as a preceptor guide to assist learners and their preceptors as they progress through the 13 eLearning modules of POLARIS. This will provide a structured and comprehensive approach to an orientation of an early career hospice or palliative nurse. 

What is in the learner guide?
The learner guide assists the user in providing a structured approach to orientation. It gives a clear template of required completion activities for each module assigned by their preceptor. The guide includes all learning activities, resources, and tools, as well as completion checklists to discuss with preceptors. 

What is in the preceptor guide?
The preceptor guide gives the preceptor a structured approach to the learner's orientation. It provides a recommendation schedule for moving through orientation, as well as a handbook on additional discussions related to learning activities, resources, and tools. 

Will I get a certificate of successful completion awarding CEs?
Yes, a CE certificate designating the CE award will be provided to learners completing the assigned modules.

Will I receive a POLARIS certificate of completion?
Yes, as a learner you will receive a certificate of completion to add to your professional development resume. This POLARIS Completion Certificate is in addition to your individual module CE certificate awarding your CE credits and presented to learners that successfully complete all 13 modules within the POLARIS course.

Can an organization purchase the POLARIS Orientation Program and use it for multiple employees?
The POLARIS Orientation Program is intended for an individual user. Each individual employee will receive their own access to the program, and it is not intended for multiple users to access the individual program. The course is linked to the user's HPNA account through which the CE certificate of attendance is issued upon successful completion. 

Is the POLARIS Orientation Program intended for multiple users?
Each purchased POLARIS Orientation Program allows a single user to access the program. To receive the CE certificate and certificate of attendance upon successful completion, individuals must use their own unique account. 

Who can I contact to obtain more information on the content?
Please email [email protected] to be connected with a nursing subject matter expert on POLARIS.