Approved Educator Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for being recognized as an HPNA Approved Educator?

  • HPNA Approved Educators  are entitled to denote their successful achievement as a HPNA Approved Educator on their curriculum vitae, biographical sketch, or professional profile
  • They have the opportunity to be listed on the HPNA website as an HPNA Approved Educator
  • They have membership in the peer to peer approved educators community
  • HPNA Approved Educators are provided with ongoing education department and chapter education resource support
  • They have access to AE CE library and sister chapter AE programs

What are the criteria to become an HPNA Approved Educator?

To be an HPNA Approved Educator, a registered nurse must meet four eligibility criteria:
  • Be a licensed registered nurse in good standing;
  • Be an RN-level HPNA member in good standing;
  • Hold active certification through the Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center as either a CHPN, ACHPN, CHPCA, or CHPPN;
  • Be actively working a minimum of 500 hours a year as a nurse in specialty hospice and palliative care. This includes working in the capacity of clinician, educator, researcher, administrator, consultant, case manager, and/or program developer or coordinator.

What is the initial cost to become an HPNA Approved Educator?

The investment to become an HPNA Approved Educator:

How do I access HPNA approved educator courses?

The direct links to the three required online courses will be emailed to you directly after you have completed your HPNA Approved Educator application. If you have not received your email to the courses, please contact us  directly at or by phone at 412-787-9301.

How much time does the online courses take?
Each online module is designed to take two hours for completion and review. The self-study time includes reviewing the presentation, completing activities as instructed, and reviewing specific resources in the required publications. There are three modules to the HPNA Approved Educators online course.
  • HPNA Approved Educator course – Facilitation Techniques, Resources, and Leadership
  • HPNA Approved Educator course – Utilizing Activities and Review of Modules
  • HPNA Approved Educator course – Resources and Leadership 

Are nursing contact hours provided for the HPNA Approved Educators online course?

Yes. Upon successful completion of each module the applicant will be awarded 2.0 nursing contact hours per module for a total of 6 CNE credit hours. The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. To successfully complete the modules for CNE credit and certificate, the participants must review the PowerPoint content presentations and associated resources and complete and submit the on-line evaluation within the designated time frame. 

Is there an expiration date on HPNA Approved Educators status?

Yes. HPNA Approved Educators who maintain their eligibility status throughout the approval period are considered active educators through the end of the following calendar year. For example, if you become an approved educator any time in 2016, you will submit in 4th quarter 2017 for renewal in 2018. 

Are there network opportunities with other HPNA Approved Educators?

Yes. All current HPNA Approved Educators are members of the HPNA Approved Educators Community. This is an email type platform that allows members to communicate and network with other Approved Educators regarding presentation of the modules, sharing of helpful resources and other professional staff development opportunities. 

Are HPNA Approved Educators allowed to present  certification/recertification courses?

No. The certification course faculty are a separate approval and selection process from HPNA Approved Educators. Therefore, Approved Educators are not allowed to offer or present CHPN or ACHPN Certification Review courses. 

Do Approved Educators have access to CE Programs through HPNA?

Yes. Effective with the third quarter of 2016, HPNA will provide an Approved Educator CE Resource Library through our AE portal of shared CE offerings approved under HPNA’s CE provider status.
Presentations meet CE design plan elements for credentialed CE program offerings.
  • CE program offerings are intended to be shared between Chapters, members and Approved Educators to drive and support the continual learning curve required to advance palliative care at the community and specialty level.
  • Presentations included in our CE program Library address all categories of nurses (nursing assistant, licensed nurse, registered nurse, and advanced practice registered nurse), at all levels of nursing from novice to expert.

Does HPNA offer CE Program support to Approved Educators teaching ELNEC within their communities?

Yes. HPNA offers CE program support to Approved Educators offering End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) teaching within their communities. To obtain this CE support for ELNEC Core or Pediatric community training, Approved Educators must be active and in good-standing with HPNA and have completed a national ELNEC Train-the-Trainer course. Additional components include:
  • Trainer must utilize ELNEC CORE educational resource tools no less than 3 years old.
  • CE program offerings can be independent of HPNA Chapter events as stand-alone ELNEC Core/Peds Education.
  • HPNA will facilitate the ED Design forms, CE Certificate and file management in conjunction with the AE responsible for course instruction and local logistics.
  • ELNEC notification process to COH remains unchanged. 

How can I access train the trainer national program offerings?

You can access national ELNEC Train-the-Trainer courses through the following link:    

Are HPNA’s Clinical Review Modules being retired?

Yes.  The existing HPNA Clinical Review Modules for Nurses and CNAs were retired effective September 30, 2016, and replaced with materials located in the Approved Educator CE Resource Library in the member portal.  HPNA’s retirement of the Clinical Review modules does not mean that individual chapters and educators cannot develop internal clinical review materials and programs. It means that HPNA will no longer have this available as part of our approved educator program or provide updated modules. Individual Chapters are encouraged to design clinical courses for CE offerings based upon their individual geographic population Gap Analysis. HPNA will facilitate the CE design process to support local and regional clinical programs. 

For Approved Educators that use HPNA as their Nursing CE provider for their program offerings, are they required to submit a Continuing Education (CE) Annual Activity summary?

No. Approved Educators that use HPNA as their Nursing CE provider, this information is maintained for you as part of the CE file management within HPNA and no Approved Educator (AE) Continuing Education (CE) Annual Activity Summary is required.

For Approved Educators that do not use HPNA as their Nursing CE provider are required to complete and submit an annual Approved Educator (AE) Continuing Education (CE) Annual Activity Summary along with 2 sets of program examples to include advertising, course content and evaluation summaries of the course outcomes. This is essential for HPNA to evaluate educational quality and compliance with the CE provider eligibility criteria requirements as a designated Nursing CE provider.
Thank you for your interest in the HPNA Approved Educator program. Please direct questions to HPNA, Education Services, 412-787-9301 or email