Certified in Perinatal Loss Care 

The Certified in Perinatal Loss Care (CPLC®) examination was designed for professionals in a health care role that provide to those experiencing perinatal loss. To be eligible, the applicant must fulfill the following requirements by the application deadline.

This exam is designed for professionals working in a healthcare role which provides care to individuals experiencing perinatal loss that covers the content in the test content outline. Candidates applying for the CPLC® examination must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a professional degree and appropriate current, unrestrictive license in the United States or its territories a registered nurse, physician, psychologist, counselor, child life specialist, social worker or chaplain. 
  • Have evidence of work in their profession and the area of perinatal loss care and/or bereavement support for a minimum 2 years within the past 3 years.

The development of all certification examinations begin with a Role Delineation Study (RDS), where through the link you can find out more information.

Specifics related to the eligibility criteria for each exam are provided in the candidate handbook. These MUST be reviewed prior to completing an application. 


CPLC® Initial Certification:        $415  ($295 for HPNA members) 
CPLC® Certification Renewal:   $380  ($260 for HPNA members) 

Online Exam Application

The Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center has partnered with the testing service PSI to offer this online exam application process listed below.  Paper applications are also available and are located in each candidate handbook.  Applicants MUST submit a paper application if requesting special testing accommodations (ADA related).
Applicant must be prepared to provide:
  • HPNA membership number to determine eligibility for membership discount (if applicable)
  • HPCC certification number for candidates renewing the credential
  • Choice of test assessment center if scheduling appointment online. Test locations are the same for all exams.
  • Credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
Applicant provides personal data and choice of specialty exam on application form housed on a secure PSI website (Please provide your HOME address on your online application as ADDRESS 1) by the online application deadline date.
Applicant receives notice of fee validation for selected exam which is based upon:
  • Current hospice and palliative certification in the exam level selected
  • Current membership status in HPNA. Applicants must have their HPNA membership number in order to receive a member discount. If an application for a new HPNA membership has been made the same day as an application for a certification exam, the non-member exam fee will display, and the applicant must agree to pay the non-member fee to complete the exam application process.   

Applicant reviews information and agrees. Applicant completes process of applying for the next scheduled certification exam which includes provision of credit card information for billing at time of application.  The applicant will receive online verification of application receipt from the testing company, PSI.    

The current online application is for the upcoming certification exam window only, and the application must be received by the testing company on or before 11:59pm Central Time on the exam deadline date.  For clarification of any specific concerns or questions, contact the HPCC national office via email at hpcc@goHPCC.org or by phone at 412-787-1057. 

For technical assistance with online applications, please contact PSI at 833-256-1422.

Prepare to Take an HPCC Examination

Begin Online Exam Application

Testing Centers

Test site locations for computer-based certification testing are determined and available through the testing vendor, PSI, Inc. (PSI). These locations are subject to change. Locations are the same for all HPCC certification exams.

For a direct link to the PSI, Inc. testing locations page, click PSI Testing Locations

CPLC Recertification

HPCC currently offers two options for CPLC recertification. A CPLC can renew their certification by fulfilling practice hour requirements and sitting for the computer-based exam again or they can renew through the recertification process known as the Hospice and Palliative Accrual for Recertification (HPAR). Refer to the CPLC Candidate Handbook for exam information. 

The HPAR process requires fulfilling practice hour requirements and the accumulation of 100 points of professional development activities over the preceding four years. Points can be accrued through continuing education, academic education, professional publications, professional presentations, precepting students, orienting staff, and volunteer service in professional organizations. Each area varies as to how the points are calculated and how many of the total points can be obtained by that method. Each activity MUST correlate with the test content outline. More details and instructions are in the HPAR packet for CPLC.

Online Submission of HPAR via LearningBuilder

HPAR applications for CPLC recertification can now be submitted online through LearningBuilder software. This option was developed to be user friendly and to allow candidates to submit their application in a timely fashion with ease and use of modern technology. Click here for the LearningBuilder Guide   and the CPLC HPAR packet . If you have any questions, please contact the national office at 412-787-1057 or via email at hpcc@gohpcc.org.

Reporting Period for HPAR

The reporting period for HPAR points is also known as the ‘accrual period’. The reporting period in which you can earn points for CPLC renewal is your certification begin date through the time that you submit your application. The submission period is 10 months long.  You may submit your HPAR application beginning 12 months before your expiration date, up to 2 months before your expiration date. If you collect points and/or submit your application during the extended deadline period (during the 2 months prior to your certification expiration date), an additional application fee will be assessed. If you do not submit your HPAR application, your CPLC certification will expire on the expiration date. If your certification expires you may be eligible for reactivation of your expired credential. Refer to CPLC HPAR instructions or contact the national office at 412-787-1057 or via email at hpcc@gohpcc.org.

Click here for the CPLC HPAR Packet
LearningBuilder Guide  
Download the HPAR FAQs for CPLC 
Click here to view a brief informational slideshow on HPAR
List of Free Courses Available for HPAR Points

Certification Verification Tool

This is a free resource created to assist those looking to verify a professional's HPCC certification status. Names of individuals currently certified by HPCC are available through the link below.

Certification Verification