Florence Wald Champions

The HPNF Florence Wald Champions program was established in honor of Florence S. Wald, MN, MS, FAAN. Florence Wald Champions are leaders promoting high quality of life for persons experiencing serious illness through excellence in palliative nursing. These devoted and generous donors ensure that funds are available to nurses and other healthcare professionals for education and research in the advancement of the rapidly growing and increasingly important hospice and palliative nursing specialty while honoring the “mother of hospice and palliative care.”

Florence Wald Champions demonstrate their passionate commitment to quality, end-of-life care by pledging to contribute $10,000 to the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation over the course of a maximum of five years. Florence Wald Champions are special philanthropists, and they are given special recognition by HPNF.

A Florence Wald Champion commitment to HPNF is a significant undertaking. Your commitment begins with a pledge of intent and is followed by a gift agreement. To become a Florence Wald Champion donor, please click this link to download and submit the Florence Wald Champion pledge form.

Pledge Form

Florence Wald Champions

The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation is proud to recognize the following individuals who are leading through giving a Florence Wald Champion pledge of $10,000 over five years. 
          Patricia Berry 
          Joy Buck 
          Constance Dahlin   
          Mary Ersek  
          Kate Faulkner

                      In honor of Pat Gibbons
                      In honor of Jackie Fajkowski 
          Betty Ferrell 
          Bonnie Glod 
          Linda Gorman 
          Debra E. Heidrich 
          Mary Louise Irvine 
          Katy Lantz 
          Judy Lentz 
          Marge Maisto 
          Pam Malloy 
          Virginia (Ginger) Marshall 
          Jeanne Martinez 
          Barbara Miller   
          Joyce Palmieri
          Elizabeth Ford Pitorak  
          Jane C. Sidwell 
          Denise Stahl 
          Rose Virani 
          Sally Welsh 
          Debra Wiegand 

For more information, please contact the foundation directly at 412-787-9301 or email info@hpnf.org

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