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Charitable giving in support of the mission of the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation ensures a strong future of hospice and palliative nursing care. HPNF provides professional development opportunities including scholarships for education, conferences, and specialty certification, as well as nursing research grants and leadership awards. Ultimately, HPNF is empowering these nursing professionals, who through their compassionate and skillful care, are touching countless lives for patients and their families daily.  

HPNF would like to thank its generous donors for helping to advance expert care in serious illness.    

HPNF Donors

Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses
Yuki Asakura
Joanne Auger 
Margaret Avery-Robinson
Cynthia Balkstra
Amy Beasley
Elizabeth Beeson
Bethany Hospice
Erica Bolar
Margaret Bowen
James Bradley
Mary Blaney
Craig Byrum
Joan Carpenter
Central Alabama Chapter
Tiffany Cesarin
Medha Chunduru
Jonathan Cohen
Connecticut Regional Chapter
Harry Crytzer
Eileen Czerwinski
Jennifer Davis
Bette Di Leonardi
Dickie McCamey 
Emily Dobson  

Marylin Dodd
Joseph Ebberwein
Olga Ehrlich
Emergency Nurses Association
Ann Ersek
Mary Ersek
Caroline Etland
Lori Falge-Phillips
Betty Ferrell
Mary Fillmore
Carol Gallo
Jan Gartenberg
Michelle Gies
Betty Gorman
Cathryn Green
Brittany Havu
Barbara Head
Emunah Herzog
Pam Hinds 
Hilary Homes
Anne Hughes
Carla Jolley
Elizabeth Kavanagh
Alexis Kimber
Linda Knoll 
Kathie Kobler
Susan Koff  

Deborah Kramer 
Christine and Bill Kubicky 
Kerstin Lappen
June Lunney
Sharon Lutz
Len Mafrica
Pam Malloy
Virginia Marshall
Ellen Martin
Rosanne Mattiace
Polly Mazanec
Erin McMenamin
Diane Meier
Jan Miller
Maura Farrell Miller
Mary Minton
Megan Moore
Donna Morgan
Anna Oeltjen
Oncology Nursing Society
Debra Otis
Jane Owen
Kristin Ownby
Palliative Care Consultants
Joyce Palmieri
Evelyn Perez-Rivera  
Carel Peterson

Connie Pilutti 
Christine Quiles
Scott Regan
JoAnne Reifsnyder
Greg Robins
Rafael Romo
Debra Rodgers
Sharon Ruhl
Gail Simburger
South Central Chapter
Denise Stahl
Julie Steller
Brittney Stock
Debbie Stoughton 
Pamela Tabler
Julie Tanner
Blake Tobias, Jr.
Mary Kay Tyler
Kristen Tyszkowski
Joelle Vlahakis
Nandini Vijayakumar
Margaret Wallhagen
Michelle Webb
Sally Welsh
Virginia Wingertsahn 
Dawn Zwibel  

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For more information, please contact us directly at 412-787-9301 or by email at Checks in support of this campaign may also be mailed to the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation, One Penn Center West, Suite 425, Pittsburgh, PA 15276.   

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