Educational Resources

The HPNA Educational Department offers several resources that can help you on your educational journey. You can become an HPNA Approved Educator, find extra resources as an APRN, apply for a scholarship for a conference or to earn a degree, and much more.  Find out more about our offerings below.

Palliative Care APRN Resources

We offer several programs specifically created for the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).  Our Palliative Care APRN Externship at five national locations is a five day immersion course with faculty from leading palliative care programs across the country. The goal is to provide extensive primary palliative education to enrich competency to care for patients with serious illness.  We also provide a list of available Palliative Care APRN Fellowships across the country, for those looking for a fellowship.  Follow the links to learn more. 


There are several education-related scholarships and grants available through the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation.  These include conference scholarships to events, individual education scholarships to nursing professionals earning academic degrees, grants for educational programs through HPNA chapters, and more.  Follow the link to our grants and scholarships page to find out more details.