Employer Resources

The Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center offers multiple services regarding certification for employers and others. From verifying or validating a certification to examination vouchers and sample press releases, we provide the services listed below that you may need.  We also help promote certification in the workplace through the Employer Partner Program. Click on the link to find out more about this program and the yearly Employer of the Year Award.

Employer Partner Program

Certification Verification

Names of health care professionals currently certified by HPCC are available to the public. A current certificant or employer can view the expiration date of a certified individual under each certification web page. These listings include current certificants only.  If you are an employer and need to verify certification for several of your nursing staff, you can utilize our Employer Verification Tool or Validation Service listed below. 

Verify a HPCC Certification through the HPCC Verification Tool

If a written verification letter is needed please email your request to [email protected] and include:
  • The name of the certified nurse including the middle initial
  • Certification number if available
  • Mailing address if available 
The certification verification letter will include:
  • Name of the certified nurse as it appears in our database
  • Certification number
  • Appropriate credential
  • Date the certification began
  • Date the certification will expire

Examination Vouchers

There are times when an organization may need to purchase more than one certification examination, whether as a move to sponsor certification for several members of their staff or just to make the examination purchase process easier.  In response to this growing need, HPCC worked together with PSI, the testing company that manages our certification examinations, to create a voucher program for those purchasing exams.

Third parties will now be able to purchase exams by paying the full examination fee in advance, and receive a voucher code for the purchasers to disperse to examination candidates.  Those candidates will be able to input the voucher code when applying for their individual examinations in lieu of providing payment.

This program is currently available for all examinations through PSI.  For more information on how to purchase or redeem certification examination vouchers, please see the informational documents linked below, or contact us directly at [email protected] or 412.787.1057.

Procedures for Purchasing HPCC Examination Vouchers
Procedures for Redeeming HPCC Examination Vouchers

Revocation Policy

One purpose of certification of hospice and palliative nurses is to provide assurance that any individual using a Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center credential possesses the license and/or knowledge to provide care to people seeking quality palliative and/or end of life care. Individuals who use the credential must demonstrate the required level of knowledge and meet all requirements for attaining and maintaining the credential. Failure to meet any of these standards may result in revocation of the individual’s certification. 

The following conditions or behaviors constitute grounds for disciplinary action (which may include revocation of certification) by HPCC:
  • Ineligibility for certification, regardless of when ineligibility is discovered
  • Failure to provide information required or requested by HPCC
  • Falsification of any information requested by HPCC
  • Misrepresentation or misuse of the ACHPN®, CHPN®, CHPPN®, CHPLN®, CHPNA®, CHPCA®, or CPLC® credential
  • Any examination violation including but not limited to; copying answers, disrupting an exam, providing and/or receiving unauthorized advice about exam content
  • Gross or repeated negligence, incompetence or malpractice in professional work
  • Limitation, sanction, revocation or suspension by a health care organization, professional organization, or other private or governmental body relating to nursing practice, public health or safety, or nursing certification
  • Any conviction of a felony or misdemeanor directly relating to nursing practice and/or public health and safety
  • Individuals are expected to self-report any of the above behaviors or resulting actions.
Upon finding that good cause exists to question whether a violation has occurred, the HPCC President will transmit a statement of the allegations to the candidate or certificant by certified mail. The individual will have 30 days to respond to HPCC. The review and appeals process may be instituted prior to final disciplinary action or revocation of certification. 

Sample Press Release 

Organizations often wish to create press releases to announce their health care professionals achievement of certification through HPCC. Employers are welcome to use the press release sample lined below for that purpose.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance. 

Download a Sample Press Release

Validation Service 

Many employers request validation of certification of nursing employees for various reasons, including performance appraisals, meeting agency requirements, salary bonuses, and more. Employers may request validation of certification from HPCC for your nursing employees annually, once only in each calendar year/agency.

The employer must formally request this service by emailing [email protected] or by calling 412-787-1057. The employer will be instructed to email an Excel spreadsheet containing the employee name, home address, level of certification and year certification expires. The validation service for up to 49 names is free, but costs $25 for 50 names and above. The fee when applicable must be paid along with the request using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit cards.

The validation column will be added to a spreadsheet along with the comment column (ex. wrong year, no such listing, etc.). HPCC does not assume accuracy of this information if names are spelled incorrectly.