If you applied for the September 2022 testing window and would like to take your examination by live remote proctoring, please wait until July 1, 2022 to schedule your exam time. We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure the LRP scheduling process is seamless.


Convenience is Live Remote Proctoring

HPCC now offers candidates the option to take an exam through live remote proctoring. LRP is a secure way for a candidate to take an examination outside of the traditional test center utilizing technology to connect with a live professional proctor. LRP allows candidates to choose when and where they take HPCC examinations, making the pursuit of certification more convenient. Live remote proctoring is available through HPCC's exam partner, PSI.


Do you have what you need for LRP?

System Requirements

  • Computer compatibility - PC/MAC (iPad, Chromebook and other tablets are not supported and will not work)
  • Operating System (64-bit only) - Windows 8.1, 10, 11 and macOS 10.15 (Catalina), 11 (Big Sur), 12 (Monterey)
  • Browser - Google Chrome is the only supported browser. Download Google Chrome | Update Google Chrome
  • Camera - Capable of a 360-degree scan of the test room and must have an external camera available if using a desktop computer
  • Screen Resolution - 1368 x 769 or higher
  • Microphone - Must be functional and available for testing
  • Internet connection - Minimum 300 Kbits per second or higher download and upload speed | Test internet speed


Other important information

The Basics

  • Complete a system check prior to your scheduled exam
  • Log-in from the comfort of your home, office, or testing environment at your assigned exam time
  • Complete a 360-degree room scan of  your testing environment and work area
  • Show your government issued ID (military ID is not accepted for LRP)
  • If you're using a work computer, you must have administrative rights for the secure download before the exam and you must be able to disable the firewall for remote access.

Issues during the exam

  • Contact PSI technical/customer support 833-518-7459
  • PSI may ask to access your computer remotely to help resolve technical problems


Your success is important to us!

  • Try to use a personal computer/laptop
  • Find a private location (in advance) where you won't be interrupted
  • Have a clean desk
  • Use a dependable device with a webcam
  • Have a reliable internet connection
  • While taking the exam, make sure no one else using the internet is streaming

What to expect on the day of your exam




 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take my online proctored test?
You can test in the convenience of your home, school, or office. Wherever you test, you should be in a private room where you will not be disturbed. No one else is permitted in the room while you are testing.

What type of identification will I need to present?
You are required to present a valid, government-issued photo identification as part of the check-in process. Your identification must contain your full name and a recent, recognizable photo. Please note: Military identification and credit cards are not accepted for online proctored tests.

When will I receive my score report?
Immediately upon completion of your LRP exam, a PASS or FAIL screen will be displayed. A more detailed score report will be emailed to you.

What if I am scheduled for an in-person exam, can I switch to LRP?
Yes, you are able to change your exam from in-person to LRP. To update your exam preference, log in to your PSI account. There you will be able to reschedule or cancel your exam. The same process applies when switching from an LRP exam to an in-person exam.

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