Validation Service for Employers

Many employers request validation of certification of nursing employees for various reasons:

  • performance appraisals
  • meeting agency requirements
  • salary bonuses
  • and more

The Hospice and Palliative Certification Center (HPCC) is pleased to announce that employers may request validation of certification for your nursing employees annually (once only in each calendar year/agency).

Process Steps

The employer must formally request this service by emailing or by calling 412-787-1057.

The employer will be instructed to email an excel spreadsheet containing the employee name, home address, level of certification and year certification expires.

  • 1-49 names: FREE
  • 50 and above: $25

Fee (when applicable) must be paid along with request using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover credit cards

Validation column will be added to spreadsheet along with comment column (Ex: wrong year, no such listing, etc)


HPCC will not assume accuracy of this information if names are spelled incorrectly.

Certification Quick Lookup

Names of health care professionals currently certified by HPCC are available to the public. A current certificant or employer can view the expiration date of a certified individual under each certification’s web page and selecting “Certificant Listing.” Listings include current certificants only.

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