State Ambassador Program

In June 2007, the Public Policy Committee, PPC, was asked by the HPNA Board of Directors to expand their focus to include policy issues at the state and national levels. A small PPC task force soon established the HPNA State Ambassador Program.

The goal of State Ambassador Program is to develop a group of HPNA members with interest and expertise in health policy who will:

  • Follow and inform the PPC about critical policy issues at the state/regional levels
  • Disseminate information about national policy issues to their constituencies
  • Assist with policy advocacy efforts as directed by the Board of Directors and PPC

To contact the HPNA State Ambassadors on this list, please email us at, with “State Ambassador” in the title line and the name of the person you want to contact.

HPNA State Ambassadors

Alabama: Sue Morgan

Alaska: Marianne Johnstone-Petty

Arkansas: J.Roger Huff

Arkansas: Sheri Bishop

Arizona: Kristopher Young

California: Deborah Greenspan

Colorado: Brad Evans

Connecticut: Rebecca Gagne-Henderson

Delaware: Sheila Grant

Florida: Rebecca Mott

Florida: Jodi Pascal

Georgia: Jennifer Hale

Illinois: Carrie Alani

Illinois: Mary Bernadette Crean

Illinois: Masako Mayahara

Indiana: Marylyn Johns

Indiana: Elizabeth Frigerio

Idaho: Beverlee Furner

Iowa: Christine Harlander

Kansas: Tracy Clark

Kentucky: DenEllen Coldiron

Maryland: Marian Grant

Massachusetts: Allison Rosenberg

Michigan: Pamela Ortner

Michigan: Mary Hicks

Michigan: Ami Bhatt

Minnesota: Jennifer Clarin

Mississippi: Jacqueline Carrillo

New York: Patricia Wrublewski

New York: Jay Horton

New York: Nancy Roecklein

North Carolina: Teri Gettelfinger

Ohio: Pamela Stephenson

Ohio: Mary Murphy

Pennsylvania: Christina Visco

South Carolina: Nanci Tansey

South Dakota: Dorothy Vincent

Tennessee: Rhonda Perrin Oakes

Tennessee: Jeanne Frye

Tennessee: Lisa Lindley

Tennessee: Dianne Ellis

Texas: Erin Adkins

Vermont: Sonja Molyneux

Virginia: Joan Panke,

Virginia: Teresa Humphries

West Virginia: Carol Matheny

Wisconsin: Susan Breakwell

Wisconsin: Margaret Donegan


Program Documents

Full program description and requirements

Application to become a State Ambassador

Please return the program application and your current resume/CV to the HPNA national office:

Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association
One Penn Center West – Suite 229
Pittsburgh, PA 15276-0100
Phone: 412.787.9301
Fax: 412.787.9305

Any questions about the State Ambassador program can be sent to Chad Reilly at

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