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HPCC is the only nursing specialty that certifies all members of the nursing team as well as administrators and perinatal loss care professionals. Over 18,000 hospice and palliative health professionals are certified by HPCC throughout the United States.

The board of directors is responsible for the affairs of the organization, and major responsibilities include supervision of business and financial affairs and the strategic planning component of HPCC. We are seeking experienced, energetic, and passionate professionals who will lead the provision of certification in hospice and palliative care into the future.

The board includes individuals who hold an HPCC certification, other professional certifications or have great interest in certification, as well as a public member to assure consumer input on the board.

Recognizing the rapidly changing environment of health care and leaps in technology, the board has adopted a fundamental shift in process. Applicants to the HPCC Board of Directors will be asked to provide evidence of key universal competencies that are relevant to governance on a national board. Global skills such as personal integrity, communication skills, and strategic thinking will be requisite.

Changes in the overall leadership structure of HPCC will still allow for the voice of the certified hospice and palliative care professionals to be heard loud and clear. It is anticipated that the changes proposed for improving national governance will allow those voices to have a greater impact in the field of certification of hospice and palliative professionals.

HPCC Mission Statement

To advance expert care in serious illness.

Board of Directors Description and Competencies

Click here to download the Board of Directors description and competencies.

Commitment and Eligibility

Applicants for the HPCC Board of Directors must possess experience with each of the universal competencies and one or more of the essential competencies as determined by the board of directors to assist with developing a competency based board. The universal and essential competencies are outlined below. Applicants are not required to hold a current HPCC certification.

Director obligations include:

  • Three year term, with the option to renew for a second three year term
  • Attendance at a minimum of three face-to-face board meetings per year, which are typically held over a weekend (city of board meeting varies)
  • Active work on committees, including one hour monthly conference calls
  • Participation in webinars, and/or telephone conference calls,
  • Other responsibilities as necessary

Expenses related to board and committee participation are reimbursed. No other remuneration is provided.

Application Process

All applicants are required to provide the following information c/o Kathy Kelso via email to or mail to Chair, Board Development Committee, HPCC, One Penn Center West, Suite 425, Pittsburgh, PA 15276 no later than July 1 :

1. Complete the application (download application form) to serve on the HPCC Board of Directors which displays evidence of:

  • Universal competencies (applicant addresses each area):
    • Organizational Awareness and Commitment to the Vision and Mission
    • Personal Integrity and Self-Confidence
    • Communication Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills and Relationship Building
    • Directiveness, Impact and Influence
    • Conceptual/Strategic Thinking
    • Demonstration of Knowledge of Difference Between Governance and Management
    • Analytical Thinking, Information Seeking and Initiative
    • Achievement Orientation and Talent Development
  • Essential competencies (applicant addresses one or more of these areas): Areas of specific need are bolded below.
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Business Management
    • Financial (Investments & Audits)
    • Certification/Continuing Competence
    • Research and Quality Improvement
    • Exam Construction and Development
    • Law/Regulatory
    • Community Orientation/Public Advocacy

2. Provide a professional resume which includes applicant’s current mailing address, preferred telephone number and email address, for contact related to Board application.

3. Include two letters of recommendation. References may be contacted by the HPCC Board Development Committee.

If currently employed, one letter of recommendation must be from applicant’s employer. This letter must indicate employer’s support for the applicant’s participation on the board of directors and employer’s specific agreement to the time commitment as outlined in the commitment and eligibility section of this information.

4. Potential candidates will be asked to schedule a telephone interview with the board development committee as an additional part of the application.

All applicants will be notified by the Chair of the Board Development Committee regarding the status of their application. This notification to all slated and non-slated candidates will occur after the slate of candidates is approved by the HPCC Board of Directors.

The application deadline for board applications is July 1.

Contact the HPCC national office at or 412-787-1057 if you have any questions.

Procedure for Notifying Applicants

All applicants will be notified by the Chair of the Board Development Committee regarding the status of their application. This notification to all slated and non-slated candidates will occur after the slate of candidates is approved by the HPCC Board of Directors.

Procedure for Notifying Slated Candidates

Following the selection and confirmation of the new board members by the HPCC Board of Directors, the Chair of the Board Development Committee will contact each candidate to inform them of the outcome of the election.

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