Certifications/Candidate Handbooks & Applications

Certifications Offered

HPCC currently offers the following five certifications:

HPCC also offers renewal only for the following two credentials:

About the Candidate Handbooks

The Candidate Handbooks/Applications for computer based testing are available here!
Each exam has a separate Candidate Handbook. Please download and/or print the appropriate handbook for the exam in which you are applying for.

For further questions about any the Candidate Handbooks or computer-based testing, please contact the national office at hpcc@gohpcc.org or 412-787-1057.

The HPCC Candidate Handbooks/Applications are pdf files containing both information on test preparation, sites, and dates, along with applications for each of the five exams (APRN, RN, Ped RN, NA, and Perinatal Loss Care).

PSI/AMP Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Assessment Centers

Test site locations for CBT are available through the PSI/AMP website. You must first click on “Candidates” “Get Started” “Schedule or Apply for an Exam.” Then choose a category (Healthcare), choose a program (Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center), and choose an Exam (APRN, RN, Ped RN, NA, or Perinatal Loss Care).

For a direct link to the PSI/AMP Assessment Locations page click here. (these locations are the same for the APRN, RN, Ped RN, NA, and Perinatal Loss Care exams)

Candidate Handbooks/Applications for Downloading
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